Collection of Pap Specimens Using ThinPrep®

Supplies for Specimen Submission

  • ThinPrep® Kit
  • Specify either brush and spatula or broom

Specimen Collection

  1. All specimen containers must be labeled with two identifiers. Examples of acceptable identifiers include: Patient name, date of birth, social security number, requisition number, and medical record number.
  2. Prepare the patient in the accepted manner. Note: do not use lubricant on the speculum as it may result in an unsatisfactory specimen.
  3. Remove the mucus plug from the cervix with a cotton tip swab and discard. Do not deposit the cervical mucus plug into the ThinPrep® vial with the cervical sample.
  4. Refer to ThinPrep Test Quick Reference Guide on the following two pages for additional specimen collection instructions.

Storage Requirements 

Maintain the specimen at room temperature.

Specimen Rejection Criteria