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If you received a bill from ProPath Services, LLC, click here.

If you received a bill from ProPath Associates, PLLC, click here.

How to identify your ProPath bill for pathology and laboratory services

  • ProPath Services, LLC
  • ProPath Associates, PLLC

Bills fromProPathServices, LLC, are generally for outpatient laboratory testing (such as biopsies and Pap smears) collected at your physician’s office, hospital or a surgery center. Please note these charges are separate from your physician or facility charges.

Bills from ProPath Associates, PLLC, our hospital-based pathology practice, are for the professional services relating to laboratory testing performed at various North Texas hospitals where ProPath pathologists serve as the medical director over the hospital laboratory. These charges are separate from the hospital and represent the pathologist charges only.

To pay your bill, you will need to have your Account Number, Access Code, and the name of the ProPath company shown on your statement.

Payment Plans

ProPath understands that sometimes families are under financial hardships. For this reason, various payment arrangements are available for patients with no insurance, limited coverage, or whose insurance may not cover the tests performed. To inquire about payment arrangements, please call: 800-654-1888, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time.