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ProPath pathologists provide clinical laboratories, hospitals, physicians, and surgery centers with life-changing diagnoses every day. Nationwide, medical professionals rely on our pathologists’ academic-quality expertise, experience, and reputation to diagnose and treat their patients. Our physicians are board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology with subspecialty training and proficiency in breast pathology, cytopathology, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, gynecologic pathology, hematopathology, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics, podiatric pathology, renal pathology, surgical pathology and urologic pathology.


ProPath works to go above and beyond for our clients by offering a Physician Hotline, 866-PROPATH, providing direct access to ProPath’s board-certified pathologists. You also benefit from our use of concise reporting, fast turnaround-time, digital imagery, and convenient billing services and options.


Board-Certified Pathologists


Experienced pathologists board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology with subspecialty training and expertise.
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Clear Reporting


Clear and concise reporting using consistent, standard reporting terminology.
Patient Education
Insurance Providers


Extensive insurance coverage nationwide, including contracts with national carriers and PPO networks. Various billing options are available for uninsured patients.
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Rapid Turnaround Times


24-48 hour turnaround time with online results for result reporting, including immunofluorescence in most cases.

Photomicrographic digital images included on
diagnostic reports to relate biopsy features and
assist discussion of treatment options.

On-site advanced-diagnostic technologies, including immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence,
no transport to a second location means
faster results for your patient.

On-site Billing Department, with extensive knowledge and experience of the complexities of insurance billing.

Painless EMR and PMS integration
services and electronic ordering.