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Some examples of non-gynecology systems include:

  • Central Nervous System
  • Pulmonary
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Soft tissue
  • Salivary
  • Body Fluid Cytology

Students of the UNMC ProPath Cytotechnology Program

Class of 2021 students; (L) Oluchi Mbawuike and (R) Sara Linsteadt. Chinh Nguyen, in the middle, is the Cytology Manager, Educ. Coard., and instructor. (Photos taken separately and edited together).

The inaugural 2020 class of the UNMC ProPath Cytology Program (L to R); Lorma Siason, Cassidy Jones, Christi Lincoln, and Sophia Daniels (not pictured). (Photos taken separately and edited together).

General Program Information

  • Online based.
  • Scheduled, interactive, web-based lectures with The University of Nebraska Medical Center Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.

  • Additional instructions provided by on-site education coordinators and pathologists, via lecture and multi-head microscope case discussions.
  • Clinical Practicum Rotations at hospital and non-hospital settings provide a wide range of experiences.
  • Opportunities to participate in Rapid On-Site Evaluations (ROSE) of Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) specimens during clinical practicums, while shadowing Cytologists, Pathologists, and/or Pathology Residents.
  • The Master's Degree now includes studies in other important testing methods such as grossing techniques, FISH studies.

ProPath Site-Specific Information

Students will be integrated into the Cytology Department at ProPath and will get opportunities to participate in departmental meetings and quality assurance programs. These may include multi-head microscope sessions and discussions led by Pathologists.

Students will rotate in multiple testing departments at Pro Path to gain direct/hands-on training in techniques such as Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) processing and scoring, Cytogenetics, Flow Cytometry, and Molecular Diagnostics.

Clinical Practicum Rotations are available at our affiliated hospital sites - Texas Health Resources in Bedford and Parkland Hospital in Dallas, as well as other Sonic Laboratories across the US.


For additional information, please click on the following UNMC website or contact Mr. Chinh Nguyen at 214-237-1779 or