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All specimens must be submitted according to our test catalog instructions. Before submitting a specimen, please carefully review the specimen requirements as described in the test description.

Listed below are potential causes for delays in specimen processing, possible specimen rejection or test cancellation:
  • Inappropriate specimen type
  • Insufficient volume for analysis
  • Inappropriate specimen container
  • Improper specimen transport
  • No patient identification on requisition form
  • No two patient identifiers

  • No patient identification on specimen container or slides
  • No referring provider
  • No account information provided
  • Specimen leaked in transport
  • Specimen submitted in incorrect or expired transport media
  • Slides broken beyond repair on receipt
  • Conflict between patient name on specimen and requisition form
  • Specimen not properly preserved
  • No test ordered on requisition
  • No specimen source provided

 NOTE: A representative from ProPath's Client Response Center (CRC) will attempt to call you to resolve specimen problems. Where resolution is not possible, or the identification of the patient or specimen is in question, specimens may be returned.