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45 Deg Helix Sonic BG 2 Long

ProPath is dedicated to providing clients throughout the nation with the highest level of podiatric pathology and dermatopathology services. ProPath Podiatric Pathology offers a high level of medical proficiency, diagnostic quality, and personal service to assist podiatrists in enhancing patient care and fulfilling the needs of their practices. Our CAP-accredited laboratory adheres to rigorous quality-control and quality-improvement practices in order to ensure consistent, accurate results. To that end, we’ve even developed our own quality-control system, ProCheck, that surpasses industry standards.

ProPath Podiatric Pathology takes pride supporting the podiatric community that has so enthusiastically embraced our services. ProPath actively exhibits at podiatric meetings throughout the country and sponsor initiatives at Colleges of Podiatric Medicine.

Our philosophy of partnership with clinicians is further exemplified by rapid turnaround times and a dedication to service. Excellent information technology integration capabilities ensure that test results are quickly and accurately delivered, where and when they are needed.